Tips for Finding the Best Residential Landlord Insurance

We have put together some tips for finding the best landlord house insurance based on some of the experiences and questions we have had over the years. Probably one of the classic situations is people who want to save money, and cut corners on telling the truth. This is a big mistake! When buying your landlord insurance be aware that the whole basis of the insurance industry is based on utmost good faith. This means that whatever you choose to tell your landlord house insurance brokers will be taken at face value, which may seem fine at the time but not so good if you need to claim.You can Try this out on residential landlord insurance Site

When it comes to a claim this is when the insurance company will come and assess the situation, very thoroughly, and if by any chance you have been in any way untruthful then the entire policy could become null and void.

What you really need to be aware of for your landlord house insurance-
As a landlord insurance policy you are really looking to insure the rebuild cost which needs to be based on an up to date evaluation. It is your responsibility to make sure that the property has adequate cover and it can be worthwhile to consider to get a chartered surveyor to provide a quote to ensure that adequate cover is taken out. If you have a very recent evaluation report this is not necessary, but make sure to cover yourself as if it is undervalued you will only be paid on this undervaluation in the instance of a claim.

Consider in detail the overall policy not just the upfront cost. Excesses can vary from policy to policy, and will affect the premium due. So you need to calculate in the event of a claim that you would be happy to pay the excess and even more so if you are taking out a policy for a block of apartments. Remember if you are new to landlord insurance that your tenants may not have the same careful habits as you do.

Take the time to get a few quotes –
So that you can carefully compare what appears to be like with like, and check the Key Facts document that is a legal requirement from the FSA. Doing it this way you will see what cover you get for your price.

Should I choose a household name?
A lot of people feel more comfortable with a household name however the reality is that there are a variety of specialised landlord house insurance brokers who have excellent working relationships and have negotiated great deals with some of the household names.

Remember to check the Key Facts document, and if in doubt you can always check out a company on the FSA website. A source which is useful if you want to confirm and calculate your rebuild costs is the Association of British Insurers, if you have any doubts. But you need to remember that their calculator will not be suitable if you need to insure a block of flats or properties that are in some way unusual.